Because Better Colleges and Universities are Possible

Our Public Good

U.S. Higher Education should be a public good. We believe its mission should be the free exchange of ideas, the advancement of knowledge without political or economic strictures, and the development of students into creative, productive, critical citizens.

Academic Freedom

Our society needs creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. Academic freedom on campus fosters these qualities in classrooms and in research. If influential donors or politicians curtail academic freedom, it hurts us all. 


Everyone should have access to quality higher education. But in today's higher education landscape, high tuition, low public investment, and profit-driven agendas have left students to pay first-class prices for second-class education. We have a responsibility to serve low income students, first generation students, and students of color whose access has been historically restricted.

Economic Equality

More and more, today's students graduate with crippling debt instead of economic mobility. As tuition and debt loads climb, colleges and universities maintain the divide between haves and have nots. Public re-investment in higher education is crucial to lowering costs and achieving economic equality. 


Reform won't come easily. Students, faculty, parents, and community members will have to work together if we want to create a system of higher education that serves the public good. From casting your support behind the Declaration to getting involved on your local campus, there are many ways that you can take action now.